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Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence

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The Center for Applied AI is dedicated to addressing grand challenges in healthcare, disaster management, sustainable energy, and cybersecurity. We aim to create intelligent systems that emphasize a human-first approach, using technology as a catalyst to augment human skills and improve quality of life.

Our aim to build safe, secure, and trustworthy intelligent systems relies on the following areas of expertise.

  • Human-AI collaboration aims to improve synergy between humans and AI, thereby improving decision making processes.
  • Multi-modal AI are AI systems that learn from variety of data sources and formats, offering better insights and responses compared to unimodal learning or multi-variate learning approaches.
  • Embedded AI focuses on integrating AI or ML into IoT or embedded hardware to make these devices smarter and more capable.


Upcoming Event

Exploring the Transformative Impact of Applied AI on Healthcare Workshop | April 23, 2024, 8:30 am – 2:15 pm

New Orleans, LA 

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