Informatics Research Institute

The Informatics Research Institute (IRI) at UL Lafayette oversees three centers which conduct work in the field of informatics to ensure the transformation of information for solving problems that impact our society.

Research for a Reason!

The Informatics Research Institute (IRI) at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette advances the understanding of Transforming Communities through research in informatics and data science in such areas as population health, public safety, community resilience, smart & connected community, and cybersecurity. The Center serves as a driver for optimization across five constituent centers.

University Alignment

  • Expand the University’s research and development portfolio and capabilities through contracts and grants
  • Complement the academic programs and contributing to digital media and software development workforce development through apprenticeship and internships, thesis and project co-direction, and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics outreach  activities
  • Support the area’s start-up and entrepreneurs through technology transfer





  National Incident Managament Systems and Advanced Technologies